Finalist of the Young Talents Contest by Orange

For this competition, 184 students from 6 major schools in design, digital, engineering, entrepreneurship and artistic direction have imagined their own solutions to the environmental emergency. Our project called Dimitri, which relates to the conceptualization of a connected sorting bin, was selected by Orange among the 10 finalists.

Project carried out with Katia Barreto, Claire Balhan, Valentine Castéran and Marwen Ben Hassine.

Project Graduation

Fictional project to promote the release of an album by Kekra, an anonymous rapper. This project includes photographic and typographical research for the production of a web experience and posters.

Architecture sonore
Interactive installation

Creation of an augmented reality mediation system in partnership with Insula Orchestra and the Seine Musicale. Our project, made in a group of three, is oriented on the Seine Musicale herself. The different cards printed in risography each represent an element of the architecture of the place. We presented this installation at the Seine Musicale on June 2021.

Project carried out with Julia Rodriguez and Léo Gobin.

Gotta Catch - Flying

Gotta Catch is a typeface family created by the students of the DNMADE "Graphisme augmenté", during a one week workshop given by Lucas Descroix. Each student was asked to create a display typeface based on a type of Pokémon. In order to get an interesting conceptual distance they first gathered words and images, then explored abstract rhythms by hand.

Download the fonts

Video game

Little game made in 3 days during a workshop with Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos on Unity. You're Tipiak a famous pirate who travels the world searching of a lost treasure. You need to use the arrows and the keys of your keyboard to interact with the game.

Project carried out with Martin Gouriou and Léo Gobin.

Download the game for MacOS

Blow Up
Opening Title

Design and production of a opening title for the film Blow Up by Michelangelo Antonioni. The objective of this project is to bring the spectator into a game of perception at different levels. The letters of the title, the videos, the credits are mixed, superimposed. What do we see? This is the whole plot of the movie Blow Up.

Board game

Coopetitive board game realized in a week where the goal is to escape from the central bank of Moscouv with the most of Roublov. But this bank is an obstacle course. For this you will have to cooperate with your fellow robbers but without losing sight of your objective: money.

Project carried out with Martin Gouriou, Elodie Perez, Ivo Querniard and Leïla Courset-Pintout.

Visual Identity

1) Creation of the new CY Junior Engineering logo : the junior company of the CY Tech french engineering school.

2) The logo of EvolAgile.

3) The logo of Securblock!

Edition in Augmented Reality

Micro edition made from five words from the Inktober 2019 challenge. Visuals come alive using an augmented reality mobile app created with Unity.